Poskon (Popcorn)

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Our popcorn (Poskon) options are:

  • Salted Caramel - This popcorn features a caramelized crunch with a classic caramel and fine salt combination.
  • Coffee - This popcorn is caramelized and flavored with 100% Puerto Rican Coffee.
  • Sweet & Salty - This popcorn is made with refined sugar and fine salt.
  • Cherry - Crispy caramelized popcorn with hints of cherry.
  • Chocolate - crisp caramelized chocolate popcorn flavored with natural cocoa.

We are a Puerto Rican factory, where we make popcorn for all tastes. Our products are characterized and distinguished by the process in which they are made, achieving freshness, genuine flavor and distinction. The corn seed we use is large, crunchy and covered in up to 98% caramel. In the production process we have a technique to eliminate most of the seeds that do not explode and the crumbs, making all the content consumable. These products have a shelf life of up to 6 months of freshness.

Made with Non-GMO corn and coconut oil; vegan, gluten and cholesterol-free.

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